Its time to make marriages great again! Small group couples ministry.

Marriages like the photo shows, are full of peaks of love and relationship, but yet many low times and struggles and challenges. We are here to try help all marriages!
Our Couples revolve around one basic theme! Making  marriages strong, with the divorce rate in the Christian community as high as the secular world. This should not be so! We invest into our couples through powerful teachings in a small group setting. Biblical principles are the best tools we have, and we use them.  Many great resources are  at our disposal. We also work with broken marriage and try to help in any way we can . We also have outside counselor contacts as recommendations to deeper issues if needed. We also take our couples to retreats such as  Family life today, and other events and retreats to help us also.
Our Couples ministry Leaders: Jeff & Bev  Berkand
Call our office for Contact information (712) 336-0114