Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor Eric & Helene Holdeman

 Rev. Eric Holdeman, is 55 years old. He has been married to his wife Helene for 35 years. Together they have one daughter, Melissa who is 32 years old. She is married to Major Randall (Scott) Sumbles and have a one-year-old son and they currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa.

 In 1992 Pastor Eric followed the call of God on his life. He and his family moved to Denver, Colorado to attend "Word to the World Bible College," under the leadership of Marilyn Hickey Ministries. After graduating, Pastor Eric and his family moved back to the Illinois Suburbs.  Pastor Eric became a licensed minister with Open Bible Standard Churches in 1997, and planted Firm Foundation Church in Roselle, IL for Open Bible Standard Churches. He was Ordained in April of 2001.

 Pastor Eric and his family were called by God to Pastor Spirit Life Fellowship Church of Open Bible in 2007. 


Elders: Bob Cosens, Doug Dean, Christine Britton; Deacon: Les Paulson

We are very grateful to God for bringing these men and women to our Church family.  Each one of them and their families love the Lord with all their hearts and are devoted and committed to our congragation. 

Other Ministries
DIRECTORS: Jean Cosins (Adult Sunday School); Christine Britton, Bob Cosins, Strachia Sullivan (Children's Ministries);  Fireproof Youth (Youth Leader Shane Neavin); Doug Dean & Levi Markwardt (Mens' Ministry); I.N.S.T.E. (Pastor Holdman); Nursing Homes (Bob & Jean Cosins); Helene Holdeman, Strachia Sullivan, Teresa Paulson (Ladies' Ministries); Eddie Sullivan (Prison Ministry); Christine Britton, Pastor Holdeman, Kim and Jeff Mueller (Small Groups)

Providing ministry and outreach is only possible because of God and His people who have a heart for others.  They each have a unique gifting and are truly a great blessing to our church and we are thankful for all of them.

Worship Team 
Pastor Eric, Moriah Markwardt, Christine Britton, Roxanne Huseman, Shelly Yanik, Jami Manwarren, Kim Dean

We are truly thankful for all the talents God has brought to us. God has gifted each individual in a special way. They are committed to the Church and to God with all their hearts. We love them and are happy they are here. 
Sound System, Video
Danielle Harmon, Jerry Shilvock 
Individuals who are energetic and enjoy working with technology to bring the mission of the church to all the world!