The History Of Our Church
   Our Church was established and affiliated with Open Bible Standard Churches, September19th,1991.  As of this date our church began it's ministry.

Our Foundational Values
* The Word of God- is the only inerrant, inspired instruction for our lives
The Holy Spirit-His gifts, anointing, and leading
Prayer- individual,corporate, and for one another
Worship- it draws the presence of God and drives away the enemy
Unity- not uniformity

Our Ministry Values
Harvest/Missions Focused- we are called to reach out to people from the lakes to the ends of the earth.
Discipleship/Training and Releasing- we are called to make disciples and ministers, not just converts.
Gift-Based Ministry- we want you to discover the function in the ministry that God has for you.
Children/Youth- they are not only the church of the future, they are the church of now and ministers.
Vision- we will seek to see God's vision for ministry and to step out in faith to meet Him.


Our Congregation
We are a Church that consists of and caters to all ages and we invite you to come grow with us. We are a Church that wants you to come just as you are! The way you dress and your appearance is not important. It is what is in your heart that counts. We are a Church of real people just like you.
Building the Kingdom of God Together
We are a Church that loves the Lord and are dedicated to the teaching of His Word. Our foundational scripture for our ministry isActs 2:42, "And they continued to steadfastly in the Apostle's doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers."

We accomplish this through:
* Preaching the Word
* Weekly Corporate Prayer
* Worship
* Youth & Children's Ministry
* Nursing Home Ministry
* God's Provision Food Pantry
* Training Leaders through our "INSTE" Program
* Nursery
* Men's Ministry
* Women's Ministry
* Church Outings
* Special Events
* Outreaches